The Latest Trends in Luxury Properties in India

The Latest Trends in Luxury Properties in India

Luxury real estate, aided by customer demands and great technological advancement, is looking at exponential growth all over India. As per the latest ‘India Market Monitor’ report (Q1 2023), the luxury residential property segment has been witnessing 150 year-over-year growth in sales. This is true for the initial months (first quarter) of the year 2023. The recent report further suggests that the sales of top-end residential units in Delhi-NCR areas have risen by almost 216%. 

Such impressive property sales reports showcase the growing demand for luxury real estate in the Indian subcontinent. Property developers are always keen to meet the demand by offering top-class modern and sustainable features plus futuristic amenities.  

Let us explore the emerging top trends that do justice to the term ‘luxury real estate’ considering ever-changing customer needs and rising demand for elite homes:

  • Smart Home Technology – The popularity of home automation supported by IoT cannot be ignored any longer. For example, homeowners love to have remote control access to their luxury apartments in Greater Noida West. It offers sheer convenience and enhanced security to property owners. Luxury building developers offer seamless and integrated technology features for potential homeowners like automated lighting and voice-activated command controls. 
  • Sustainable OpulenceMore and more homeowners want sustainable luxury spaces as they are conscious of the global environmental crisis. Green qualities are adapted such as the installation of solar panels, the use of energy-efficient devices, and the addition of green roofs. Many housing projects are also offering charging infrastructure for new electric vehicles. 
  • Health-Based Amenities – Wellness features are some of the primary features that attract most luxury home buyers. Property developers often introduce novel health amenities for the benefit of the buyers. Some of the features include a yoga centre, jogging track, wellness garden, greenhouse, sustainable structures, etc. All these aspects promote health, relaxation, and premium lifestyle. 

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